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How to Fix Smelly Feet and Shoes - Tips and Tricks


Our Foot Care Panel has put together this Sweet Feet Guide

1. Wash feet daily and thoroughly. Use natural, chemical free soaps

2. Dry feet thoroughly and always between toes. Scrub with towel. 

TIP: Rest feet on bath edge or toilet seat if bending is difficult.  

3. Remove dead skin regularly (it holds moisture the root cause of odour)

TIP: A cheap emery board will do the trick

4. Moisturize Feet with a natural oil or balm.

TIP: Aldi Organic Coconut Oil is ideal and cheap. Rub in, cover with socks.

5. Wear all natural sandals around the house to air feet. Not rubber flip flops!

TIP: Cinndals are sea grass and cinnamon sandals/flip flops (soon available on the Cinnamon Soles site)

6. Buy good quality shoes, properly fitted. Many imported shoes don't breathe  and contain nasty chemicals, causing rashes.

TIP: Rotate your shoes daily, allowing one pair to air and dry moisture out.

7. Add Cinnamon Insoles to all your shoes. They absorb moisture, stop odour and are anti fungal and anti bacterial.

TIP: Air your Cinnamon Soles at least once a week.